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P1240779Top tips to get to know your cycle

Track your cycle: Download your free cycle awareness wheel and read the article “Why track your menstrual cycle” for instructions on when, what and how, and for the benefits of raising awareness of the patterns of your inner cycle.

Journal on these questions: What is my attitude to menstruation? What does it mean to be a woman? What was the general attitude towards menstruation when I was growing up? Start to think deeply about any conditioning you might be holding on to regarding femininity. If you find opinions or ideas that no longer work for you, then change them!

Research: There is so much amazing stuff out there on the internet about menstruation! Have a look at the moon and the womb for instant inspiration. Or if you are a book person, start to incorporate some books about menstruation and the menstrual cycle into your collection!

Set up a red tent: For tips and information about red tents click here and here, and for beautiful red tent quotes click here.

Do something today: The main essence of cycle awareness work is to help you during your daily lived-in experience of the cycle. Whatever part of the cycle you are in, a big one to remember is self-care. If you feel tired, then sleep. If you need some space then ask those around you to help you do that. If you are feeling goddess-like and wonderful then go out and do something marvellous! Do something nice for yourself during your most difficult time – did you know that PMS does not mean pre-menstrual syndrome, thanks to Susun Weed I have heard it actually means Pamper Me SillyHow nice it would be if someone told us that… So lets all get cyclically aware and then we can share it with our sisters!

Eat right for your menstrual cycle: Take a look at my recent article inspired by Alisa Vitti, about foods for the different phases of your menstrual cycle. Eat and shine!


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