“To be a woman is to be whole, complete, and to understand and equally respect both poles of the life and death cycle, both within us and around us in nature.”


Are you here because you have recently been floored by super-natural menstrual cramps like a shaolin death-grip?

Or is it a few days before your period and panicked family members are actually fleeing from your path? (or are you one of those fleeing family members shouting ‘Help!’)

Are you wishing you could make sense of this irritable, bloated, (feel free to add/delete as applicable) self conscious, insecure, angry mess….

If you’re the kind of person who wants answers…..

…….then whatever you do, read on!

Familiar story?
The number of times we have all literally had to prize our still-asleep bodies from our beds on a Menstrual Monday, and either give tirelessly to our children all day, or stumble clumsily out of the door to work, leaving behind spilt cups of tea and scattered debris in our wake. And that’s not the worst of it – unsympathetic colleagues, bloating, period pain in tight unforgiving office clothing….. Plus all those spacey forgetful moments (that always happen when you’re supposed to be concentrating!) when the world around you feels like an irritating buzzing mosquito, and you just wish either you could speed up, or it could slow down….

What was your menstrual education?
Other than wham-bam-super-quick anatomy lessons in biology, a one-to-one chat with a well-meaning family member, or brief school-organised presentations about periods, did anyone really teach you how your cycle worked? Science has given us an incredibly long list of measurable bodily changes that take place during the menstrual cycle. But what difference would it have made to your life if someone had told you that understanding and working with the menstrual cycle, could powerfully support and enrich you both psychologically and physically right up until your menopause? Wouldn’t that have been better than the old-fashioned menstrual mantra ‘keep on going as if nothing were happening’!


It’s a relationship…
The relationship between us individually and our menstrual cycle is intrinsic; it’s a central part of us linked to not only menstruation but our fertility. This relationship may be neglected, buried by over-domestication, outlawed by surrounding culture, or no longer understood. But deep within us all is power and knowledge with far-reaching effects, and with the potential to change not only our lives, but those around us. We are incredibly blessed in that we don’t have to do anything; the cycle is given to us for free!

Flowing with change is more healthy than fighting against it, and we are change. Between ovulation and menstruation and back again our bodies undergo a series of very varied major physical and emotional changes; from basal temperature and metabolism, to lung capacity, adrenal function, psychic activities, pain threshold, and emotional changes….. I could go on (!) but the point I want to make is this. If we see these normal natural physical and emotional changes as an illness or an inconvenience, and subconsciously fight the flow, we can place stress on our system and this stress could lead to illness.

“The exhaustion that pain brings arises because we resist it. The thing is to learn to go with the pain, to ride it.” Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo

“In the face of impossibility, lie down and rest!”

Woman’s wheel is about strengthening this inner relationship and bridging the gap between our intrinsic nature and our modern lifestyle, helping us tune in to the dynamics of our own unique cycle, exploring a new way to live holistically and harmoniously with our changing energy, and practising skills like self-observation and mindfulness, self-acceptance, and discernment, for positive change.

This work is not just for people who menstruate. Menstruation affects everyone. I believe that society itself would benefit from a deeper understanding of this powerful cycle. Because when we feel empowered and free, so do our partners and children. I’m for equality. We are all humans, we are all navigating our way through this thing we call life, experiencing the highs and the lows, such as pressure from the media with consumerism, our image etc, and pressure from a society that unrealistically demands perpetual rising growth with no natural fall. So let’s all work together with love and compassion for each other – this is the future!

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Menstruality? Menstruality is a not a new word on the feminine scene. It came all the way from New Zealand in 2001 by Jane Catherine Severn who was developing a model of the four psycho-spiritual developmental stages of a woman’s life, all linked by hormonal change (Menarche, Menstrual Cycles, Menopause and Mature Life). She found to her surprise that there was no all-encompassing word to describe the lifelong psycho-spiritual development of the feminine, so she made one up, menstruality! For her work, click here.

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