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(here's me, hello!) XxAfter a life changing menstrual epiphany half-way up a ladder inspecting an old railway bridge (a long story), I decided to follow my heart and womb into the world of menstruality.

Since then I’ve become a Menstruality Educator for Red School, started a Red Tent in North Wales, promoted feminine eco-products and presented menstrual cycle awareness workshops at events and worked with couples and individuals.

I also took my ‘Magical Menstrual Tour’ around the USA – a 3 month road trip staying with some of the world’s menstrual leaders authors and activists. My passion is helping to guide and support people towards greater understanding of their natural cycles, the rhythms of life, finding harmony inside and out.

My Story…


A combination of coming off the contraceptive pill, experiencing both extreme menstrual pain and pre-menstrual symptoms, and 10 years working ‘out on site inspecting bridges’ (in an industry where only 12% of the workforce was female) was enough to make me question whether menstruation was supposed to be so hard.

Gratefully I stumbled across the work of teachers Alexandra Pope and Shane Hugo Wurlitzer, and went on to complete the Red School Menstruality Leadership Program in 2012. I connected with menstruators and inspirational organisations, all the while receiving revelation after revelation from within my own body.

In 2018 I was certified to facilitate the Red School Menstrual Medicine Circle (MMC), a imaginal guided one to one process, working deeply with areas of the cycle in a way that gets to the parts that MCA can’t reach.

The cycle has changed my life in radical ways; finally I’m very clear as to what I want to do with my time on Planet Earth.

Getting to know myself all over again through engaging with my monthly flow has given me the self-acceptance and the strength to follow my dreams.

I hope to meet you one day soon Xx


Other things about me:
Eco Femme Ambassador promoting eco-friendly pads / cups
Red School Menstruality Mentor / Menstruality Educator and MMC Facilitator.

Blogs: the moon and the womb and woman’s wheel worldwide

I’m also one half of the the beach house kitchen eating happy healthy food with my partner Lee, vegan cook and author of amazing book Peace and Parsnips (Click on the book to take a look)!

Have you arranged for me to speak at your event tent or circle? Feel free to cut and paste this Bio: Jane Legge – Founder of Woman’s Wheel. Originally from the UK Jane loves to travel to new places spreading a little ‘Menstrual Magic’ wherever she goes!! She facilitates workshops for menstruators, women and men… She is a Menstrual Educator campaigning for Eco-alternative menstrual products, and a facilitator of Women’s Circles. She blogs for ‘The Moon and the Womb’ and ‘Woman’s Wheel worldwide – taking the Menstrual Movement on the road’!


Jane has spent the last 8 years studying and working with the currents of women’s cycles. Her passion is helping to guide and support people towards greater understanding of their natural cycles, the rhythms of life, finding harmony inside and out. She has travelled extensively throughout the USA, UK and Asia presenting menstrual cycle awareness workshops at events, working with couples and individuals, also promoting the reusable eco-products that are now available. She works as a is a Menstruality Mentor for Red School, the largest Menstrual Educational organisation in the world.

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