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P1240894 “Menstrual cycle awareness work is self-development work so intuitive that there are no big concepts to have to intellectualise.”

Introduction to Menstrual Cycle Awareness and self-care Workshop: For those who want to learn about the energy dynamics of the archetypal menstrual cycle, tracking techniques, bring menstrual cycle awareness into every day life.

Meditation Mindfulness and Menstruation Workshop: For those who want to learn about the energy dynamics of the archetypal menstrual cycle, introductory mindfulness techniques and how to apply them in every day life.

Workshops consist of a demonstration of the energy dynamics of the menstrual cycle, a question and answer session, guided exercises, a discussion, and an exercise for you to pin-point your next step for more harmony with your menstrual cycle. If you are interested, we could also have a chat about environmentally friendly sanitary protection.

A new language
After you have been part of a menstrual cycle workshop you will have learned a new ‘language’ to talk about your menstrual cycle, and a framework with which to reference the point of your present embodied experience. This language is not actually new, but in many cases it has been buried by the attitudes of the society we live in.

Many women feel that they had this knowledge all along somewhere deep inside, and that this workshop has been a catalyst for change for a more fulfilling way of living. Many also start to see their monthly cycle as a friend, faithfully carrying them through the fertile phase of their lives.

“Menstrual symptoms were often the shadow side of a power that couldn’t be realised in the world.” Alexandra Pope

P1060267“Menstrual cycle awareness is as simple as observe, accept, discern and change.”

Nature gives us more examples of this cycle wherever we look – the moon, the planets, the sun, life and death, the flowers in your garden each year. Just as we are grateful for the sun each day so we can learn to be grateful for all the cycles in our lives. With gratitude comes acceptance and peace.

P1240918“I no longer have to look for answers outside of my body, all the answers are within.”

Finally….I am here as your guide not your teacher, I just hope to show you what I know so you integrate it into your life, learn from your own body, share it with others, and spread the word! I am so passionate about listening to you and learning from your experiences of the menstrual cycle.

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How is all this funded?

The workshops I’m currently running are for small red tent groups and women’s circles. If you would like to contact me about running a workshop please click here.


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