womb healing


What is a womb healing?
One to one treatments designed to gently awaken heal and balance all aspects of our femininity. I have been trained and attuned by Miranda Gray to use Womb Healing Reiki energy along with the five point star healing symbol.

The intention of the session is to heal and activate the three main centres; the pineal (head), the heart, and the womb, concentrating on the flow of energy between them. This brings balance and acceptance of the four archetypes of the feminine – maiden, mother, wild woman, and grandmother which in turn brings about wholeness.


The hand position over the forehead gives energy to the pituitary and pineal area, helping in the woman’s hormonal cycle. At the heart area the intention of the healing energy is to help with issues if love caring giving and receiving. The hand position over the womb works on physical problems and emotional patterns we hold around our hips and belly.

It does not matter whether the woman is still menstruating or not; womb healing can bring balance to a disruptive cycle, or bring wholeness if we no longer have a cycle.

A womb healing takes about 30 minutes, is done fully clothed, and is by donation. All donations will help me to continue in my work and offer the gift of womb healing to as many women as possible, and are gratefully received.


“The womb healing treatment I had with Jane was a magical experience, I had never heard of it before but I was so glad that I tried as it had me floating in serenity immediately. It created within me all of the most beautiful feelings and I was lifted into positivity and peace. Jane is an amazing and skilled practitioner not just because of what she has learnt but because she gives off such a pure energy of love. You will feel this energy from her before she even starts the treatment as it is who she is. I would definitely recommend Jane to anyone who is keen to connect to the purity within themselves, find peace or even just raise their positive vibrations” Savannah Mariposa Creative Director

“I had not heard of this before; Jane introduced it to me and my daughter. We both trusted Jane to relax enough for her to do her thing. It was an amazing experience. Jane was so gentle, I feel this is her natural calling. To have therapy carried out by one who’s spirit and energy is so pure means you only get the best and purest energy channeled. Would do it again and would recommend.” Marlene Student/Counsellor/Foster carer

“This treatment was so relaxing and deeply transformative, Jane has such a natural gift and is such a clear channel for this reiki healing.” Victoria, administrator


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