Women’s words about menstrual cycle workshops…

“Jane has a very deep well of experience in working with the feminine cycle and it shows in how she speaks and in how she listens so intently and empathetically to everyone who speaks. The work of becoming more aware of my own cycle has been so enlightening to me, and it was so encouraging to find that every woman in that room goes through the same things that i do each month! Jane is one of the most vibrant, loving, joyful women that i know, and her enthusiasm is infectious! Thank you Jane for a BRILLIANT workshop!” Laura, mother and yoga teacher

“Jane manages the space around the ladies so beautifully, with such sensitivity and insight, and the content of the workshop was so thought provoking and insightful!” Gillian, spiritual workshop facilitator

“I felt nurtured and supported while I made some really surprising discoveries about myself and my pre-menopausal experiences. I deeply regret that I knew hardly anything of what Jane was telling us when my womb was still active every month. If I had, it would have made a total difference to how I approached the whole of my monthly cycle (not just the difficult bits) and I feel sure that my health would have been much improved as a result.” Sue, editor

“I entered my woman’s cycle 27 years ago and this is the first time I have understood the gift of being a woman. For the first time in my life I am welcoming my winter time. Infinite gratitude to you Jane for initiating me to this sacred knowledge, you have changed my life in so many ways.” Linda, HR manager

“Funny really how this cycle has been a part of me for so many years yet I’ve just plodded on through feeling crazed, frustrated and joyous too, every emotion along the entire spectrum from one extreme to the other. As difficult as ‘autumn’ can be, I can now look back at my notes and bring some kindness and warmth to those unmanageable feelings, which to me is a gift because previously it felt like I was going into battle with my own body. I can’t thank you enough for such a lovely day, your enthusiasm was a joy to see & I’m sure there are many women out there who will feel as I do, uplifted & insightful.” Sarah, barista.


Men’s words…

“I am so thankful to have met you just because of your energy and warmth, but also because of what you taught us. It’s incredibly helpful and interesting. I so value what I know and share it with others. I’m a big fan of your movement.” Adam, USA

“Everyone should know about menstrual cycle awareness work! When men understand the nature of the feminine cycle better, in turn the relationship between men and women will be improved. This will lead to greater peace and harmony within societies! For me learning about the feminine cycle gave me a deeper understanding of my partner’s monthly processes. It highlighted the feminine aspects of nature instead of trying to brush them under the carpet. Women need to embrace their femininity just as men need to embrace their masculinity.” Lee, vegan cook

“I realised this work was powerful when my partner’s entire approach to her menstrual cycle, especially her menstruation, was completely transformed. She had her first ever period with no pain killers and I knew more about how to support her. This work needs to be out there!” Rob, cross country bike guide


Womb Healings…

“The womb healing treatment I had with Jane was a magical experience, I had never heard of it before but I was so glad that I tried as it had me floating in serenity immediately. It created within me all of the most beautiful feelings and I was lifted into positivity and peace. Jane is an amazing and skilled practitioner not just because of what she has learnt but because she gives off such a pure energy of love. You will feel this energy from her before she even starts the treatment as it is who she is. I would definitely recommend Jane to anyone who is keen to connect to the purity within themselves, find peace or even just raise their positive vibrations” Savannah Mariposa Creative Director

“I had not heard of this before; Jane introduced it to me and my daughter. We both trusted Jane to relax enough for her to do her thing. It was an amazing experience. Jane was so gentle, I feel this is her natural calling. To have therapy carried out by one who’s spirit and energy is so pure means you only get the best and purest energy channeled. Would do it again and would recommend.” Marlene Student/Counsellor/Foster carer

“This treatment was so relaxing and deeply transformative, Jane has such a natural gift and is such a clear channel for this reiki healing.” Victoria, administrator


About Jane…

“Sjanie and I truly regard you as a vital part of the menstruality family, here’s to the work you are going to unfold and to more adventures we will have together.” Alexandra Pope, Red School

“You are so Alive with this work. I so look forward to seeing where it takes you.” Sjanie, Red School

“Your joy, enthusiasm and love of life is inspiring and infectious and I deeply hope that you go on to work with many women, wherever you are.” Gillian, spiritual workshop facilitator

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