I am over the moon to be able to offer the following:


Introduction to Menstrual Cycle Awareness and self-care: For those who want to learn about the energy dynamics of the archetypal menstrual cycle, tracking techniques, bring menstrual cycle awareness into every day life.

Meditation Mindfulness and Menstruation: For those who want to learn about the energy dynamics of the archetypal menstrual cycle, introductory mindfulness techniques and how to apply them in every day life.

Menstruality Mentoring

I am here to support you in giving time and space for the unfolding of your menstruality journey using Red School’s newly developed process The Menstrual Medicine Circle. Menstruality mentoring with me is a supportive process engaging with your cycle together. It can mean restoration of the balance of your cycle, reconnecting you with your needs, finding ways to reduce overall stress, building on self care and inner kindness. For details about sessions, contact me.

Eco-activist Presentations

I care so very deeply about the Earth and am campaigning to promote some of the bright and beautiful alternatives to disposable plastic sanitary pads and tampons. It is my greatest dream that women all around the world have access to good quality non-polluting healthy menstrual products, and understand the implication of harmful chemicals and non bio-degradable materials on their own bodies and on the Earth.


One to one treatments designed to gently awaken heal and balance all aspects of our femininity. Trained and attuned by Miranda Gray to use womb healing reiki energy along with the five point star symbol to heal and activate the three main centres; pineal (head), the heart, and the womb. For details about sessions, contact me.

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