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P1240762“Awareness and guidance regarding the menstrual cycle is something that is deeply missing from the education of our girls and boys.”

Welcome! You are the brave ones……

I can never know what it’s like to witness the changes of your partner’s menstrual cycle without having experienced it for myself. So if you’re here then THANK YOU.

Time after time women tell me two things:
1. I feel sorry for my partner when I experience menstrual cycle lows.
2. I would LOVE my partner/children etc gain a deeper understanding of my cycle, and recognise my needs more…this would create more harmony in my friendships, family and relationships.

We are all equals!
The main part of what I do helps menstruating women because I believe women need to be empowered in this current society. But I’m not saying women are more special than men. We are all people, and we are all equal. Everyone can become empowered by the transformation of their perception about what it’s like to live in a cycling body. In many ways we are all cyclic beings. In learning about the menstrual cycle I believe we are truly in for happy couples, happy families and positive social change.

We know that cycles, like our sleep patterns for example, are here to regenerate and repair the system. Most of us can relate to what jet lag, night shifts, or sleep deprivation feel like; all a result of going against the natural flow of our bodies. The menstrual rhythm is no different, and if lifestyle does not accommodate or allow for it there can be negative connotations for the health of the woman, both psychologically and physically.

So whether we all love it or hate it there is no getting away from it – the menstrual cycle is an absolutely central current dictating many scientifically identified physiological and emotional changes, and is here to stay (Just like the seasons of the year, or night and day). When you sit and think about the complexity of this fertility/infertility cycle it is pretty mind-blowingly awe-inspiring!

Conversations with men….
I have spoken to loads of men explaining the dynamics of the menstrual cycle. It’s unavoidable when people ask me what I do for a job…!

What is so positive is that despite men not actually having a menstrual cycle, they are so open to listening, and recognise the value in this work. Often their perspective changes and they come away with ideas about how to come into more harmony with the cycle of their partner.

So thank you, men. YOUR curiosity and enthusiasm has inspired me to open up menstrual cycle awareness to everyone.

P1240762“What I would have loved in my life, is if men were given a deeper knowledge about the menstrual cycle.”

Menstrual Cycle Workshops for Men…
It is not wishy-washy stuff I am talking about here; it is the result of 30 years of experience, tried and tested by my teachers Alexandra and Sjanie and by every menstruator in the land.

I want explain to you how the cycle works conceptually, not just biologically. It’s pretty logical because I will demonstrate one main model that applies to all women, and then we will discuss the other considerations to suit the individual, according to her personal rhythm. The ‘lived’ experience of every woman’s cycle is completely unique (but I’m certain you know your partner’s overall pattern without giving it too much thought).

Workshops for men are about explaining how the cycle works conceptually, giving men a deeper understanding of the feminine process. There will be a question and answer session/discussion, the ultimate aim of which will be to strengthen our abilities of observation, communication, acceptance and empathy.

Are you in?
I really want to open dialogues with men wherever I go ‘workshopping’ with women, to understand where you are coming from, and learn from your personal experience as well as sharing with you what I know. For my latest news and current location, have a look at woman’s wheel worldwide or contact me for more information.

My story…
Before finding this work I was the only female bridge examiner in Wales, UK. I worked in a very male industry and most of the time I enjoyed my job. I would say that over the 10 years ‘on track’ I have worked with a whole range of men, from kind and respectful to blatantly sexist! I remember those dreaded night shifts out on site ‘with the lads’ while suffering with menstrual pain or premenstrual symptoms, and I still shudder to this day…
Generally being on my period subtly affected my physical strength and stamina, my ability to think clearly, make decisions (basically be organised and be efficient), and remain well humoured with all my colleagues. I would ‘fight it’ like all women do, by trying to appear energised consistent and professional. Although it is often very successful this approach always felt like a huge exhausting strain.
The taboo-ness of the subject made it impossible for me to talk about it, and the pressure to ‘be the same all round the cycle’ made me feel like I was going nuts (!)

Depending on whether I was in a high point or a low point of my cycle, the dynamics of the relationship between my partner and I were inevitably affected (not good or bad, just affected). It wasn’t until I started working with my cycle that I was able to voice, understand and accept these changes, and change my behaviour towards the people around me. My incredible and open-minded partner listened to me and understood.

Now my fabulous man is a true pioneer, a ‘menstrual expert’. Sometimes I over-hear him explaining menstrual cycle dynamics to both men and women that we meet. And sometimes he notices what’s going on in my cycle before I do… Both of these make me happier than you could imagine! He has 100 percent belief in what I am trying to do.

Lets create change based on equality!


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