The Menstrual Medicine Circle (MMC) is an online one-to-one session that takes a menstruator inside their own unique menstrual cycle, via a carefully structured guided imaginal process, designed taught and certified by Alexandra and Sjanie of Wild Power. I’ve been practicing MMC’s since 2015 and am a Certified MMC facilitator.

MMC allows a person to:

  • Go even deeper into their hidden intelligence
  • Gather more information / understanding of the power and potential of the different stages of the cycle
  • Come into more of a relationship with each of the phases, and the cycle of a whole
  • Be restored to become their own teacher, inner guide

The process of engaging with the cycle in such a deeply embodied way is very healing; it can gently connect a person to a deeper layer of themselves.

MMC helps to tap into the energetics behind the phenomena (symptom), which if left unacknowledged goes on to create a disrupted or disturbed cycle.

It is deep cycle repair work, and touches the parts that Menstrual Cycle Awareness practice cannot reach. When all parts of the cycle are fully integrated a woman is connected to her own aliveness, giving her a feeling of wholeness and completeness, and ultimately self-acceptance.

Why do a MMC?

  • Discover / build relationship with your cycle and deepen cycle awareness practice in daily life.
  • Radical self care: The power of each inner season shows itself when a person’s needs are identified and met in conscious way.
  • Fact finding / diagnostic tool: Holding an intention or setting a question then moving around the whole of the cycle in an MMC can really piece things together / give the bigger picture. It can provide the space to find the gaps and holes; what’s not being cared for in a person’s life. It can give deeper insight to any current challenges in life.
  • Restore your inner ecology: The experience of moving sequentially through the rhythm of the cycle initiates repair and restoration of this energetic flow. By doing so soothes the whole system. 

Is the MMC therapy?

I’m not a therapist and this is not a therapeutic model.

The MMC is a catalytic healing process; the healing comes from connecting a person to the wisdom within themselves by gently slowing the cycle down and being attentive and present.

The role of the facilitator is to holding safe space for this to happen. Nothing is imposed by the facilitator.

My intentions around safety are:

  • Gently accept you where you are at
  • Offer support so you can make a decision about your next step
  • Not to attempt to ‘fix’ you

Do I need to have Menstrual Cycle Awareness experience (MCA)?

The MMC could be used to awaken the power of the cycle / cycle experience in a woman who has never even experienced MCA; however a working knowledge of your cycle is useful and may mean you experience more depth in your session.


To book a MMC with me or if you would like to ask me any questions, email Jane on


I’ve decided to offer a sliding scale of fees depending on financial circumstances. If you’re passionate about receiving a MMC and you’d like to discuss the fee please don’t hesitate. Be in touch with me. I’d love to help you to access this process if I can.

  • Single stand-alone session 60-90 minutes incl. consultation: £50 – £70
  • 3 sessions spread over no less than 3 menstrual cycles: £150

Testimonials from recent MMC sessions

‘Reaching out for a Menstrual Medicine Circle felt like an act of true love for my sweet, lovely and delicate self. The symbolism of investing in my cycle was powerful already. To then be guided through the session and my cycle in such an intimate, held manner really allowed for my intentions for the session to sink in deep. It was a bridge built, helping to connect me deeply with my cycle and my inner knowing. Having Jane there facilitating this process allowed the part of me that wants and knows what is best for myself to be heard, bolstering the woman in me that lives and loves deeply, in trust of my cycle and of life. Being in the presence of a facilitator who so deeply trusts the cycle, who is living proof of its power, has also provided me with strong ammunition against any mistrust I may have towards my body. Having an MMC session was a gift to myself that I am so grateful for.’ Meg Taylor, Student and Yoga Teacher

‘This was a truly precious experience…! With much care, gentleness, receptivity and compassion Jane held the space and guided me through the embodiment of the four seasons within my menstrual cycle. It is an intimate process on some level, as I was tapping into very deep and personal wisdom inside my being, while sharing that with Jane as I went along. Mentally and with my imagination I “went around the circle” and visited all four seasons of my cycle, experiencing them in a very real way, getting a sense of the gifts and qualities of each one of them and how they transition into each other. For me this was a deep and touching process. The way Jane accompanied me on this journey was especially valuable, as I felt held, guided and lovingly witnessed, while accessing such vulnerable and precious spaces inside myself.’ Hanna Maria, Writer and Body/Yoga-coach

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