menstrual activism?

P1240816“A harmonious collective aspiration can change the course of circumstances…” Swarnalòta Devi

Join the menstrual revolution!

Hmmmmmm….menstrual activism?
British newspaper ‘The Guardian’ defined menstrual activism in 2009 as a “term used to describe a whole range of actions, not all considered political by the person involved: simple efforts to speak openly about periods, radical affronts to negative attitudes and campaigns for more environmentally friendly sanitary products.”

Activism is speaking out for change, whatever the issue. It is very cool, and gives you instant street-cred(Hahaha!)…. since you found this website, there is a huge chance you are one already – hooray! The more the merrier!

I believe the brightest and shiniest change we can make is on the inside first, by educating ourselves about whatever issue we are drawn to, being open-minded, then going out there and opening up conversations about it with the people we meet. I don’t pretend to know all the answers about the issues I am passionate about; I accept that I’m constantly learning.


At a time when people are already starting to question the taboos and structures in society that are supported by politicians and huge corporations the act of networking, volunteering in organisations, joining with someone with similar interests is an incredibly uplifting way to engage with any kind of activism…. for goodness sake don’t try and do it on your own!

The side effects of going it alone:
1. Prepare to get angry a lot at injustices in the world, especially during your pre-menstruum, if you are female.
2. Then when the anger starts to subside, prepare for feelings of powerlessness at the seemingly ginormous unfathomable systems behind the problem.

Poco a poco (little by little)
Good news! This is where this wonderful Spanish mantra comes to the rescue. We can change the outside when we change the inside, and we can do that a little bit at a time. We have a choice what to think, buy, eat, watch, speak about, buy into. Sometimes non-action is activism. Once your inner fire is stoked by injustice you can light lots of little candles of positivity wherever you go by the simple act of talking to people, supporting online campaigns and the like. You don’t have to do anything colossal (well you can do if you want, and if you do then be sure to connect with me about it so I can join in! Hah!). Let injustice be the fuel to motivate you, don’t lose sight of what is important to you, and do good only for the sake of doing good.


There’s lots of things to get ‘activisty ‘about but I have chosen to concentrate on the message put out there by the many amazing organisations who promote the use of reusable cloth pads or menstrual cups to help the environment. Click here to read more about the truth of our menstrual waste, and why the word has to be out there!

I have had the honour of volunteering with the Eco Femme team in India, witnessing first hand all the committed and amazing work they do. Eco Femme donates pads to women and girls who could not otherwise afford them, they run workshops at schools, and the woman that tailor their pads are from local rural communities. I would love to see them again one day, but also meet more of these inspired organisations doing amazing work in the future too!

I use bright beautiful reusable cloth pads and would never go back. I have organised special local make your own cloth pad workshops to spread the word to the women around me. As a product, I could not recommend cloth pads highly enough; they work and they are not polluting our environment.

Whatever you want to change in this world, whatever fires you up, then go for it. Start connecting. Go Wild!

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“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” Marie Curie. Whether that’s with work colleagues, our friends, mothers, sisters, or by setting up your own red tent group, ripple away Xx


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