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Woman’s wheel worldwide and it’s Magical Menstrual Tour took the menstrual movement on the road in 2016 and 2017! It gathered people together, kick-started all kinds of juicy empowering conversations and wonder-workshops about Menstrual Cycle Awareness and the environmental impact of our choices of sanitary protection. It was about a coming together of like minds and sharing what we know. It had never been done before. I was AWESOME. Click here find out more about what happened when Menstruation went on tour, my future plans, what to expect from the workshops (and how to prepare for them), events flyers to download, timings, and how to get involved!

Follow the woman’s wheel worldwide blog to read the latest ‘menstrual musings’ from the birthing of the original vision to packing my backpack and jumping on the plane (and all the little things that happen in between…!)

The joy of travel

Taking to the road for glorious new adventures in wonder-lands near or far is like stepping into the wondrous unknown! For me, backpacking is learning about life in the most amazing fascinating interesting way. The thought that I will only have four pairs of underwear for the forseeable future doesn’t in the least bit faze me (!) because I LOVE LOVE LOVE to travel with a passion!


I’d love to meet you!
I’m visualising a kind of ‘menstrual cycle workshop sojourn’ in a town near you, where I will speak at your woman’s gathering, group, or circle. I will bring with me an abundance of ideas to deepen your understanding of the cycle, and help the whole cycle shine unashamedly, like the glorious wheel of beauty that it is!! I’m also going to be working with men either in a separate workshop or all together; the more the merrier, whether it be your family, partner or friends! I’m ready to spread the menstrual magic to everyone!

So if you love getting real and talking about all things ‘menstruation’ then keep checking woman’s wheel worldwide blog to see what’s happening right now!

How is all this funded?

 'To be a woman is to be whole, complete, and to understand and equally respect both poles of the life and death cycle, both within us and around us in nature.'

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